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Dining Room Sets:

Whether you are looking for complete dining room sets, or a simple chair, Complete Home Furniture and Appliances has a dining room set or piece for everyone. Our affordable prices and exciting sales help everyone get the furniture they need to have the dining room they want. There are endless styles and colours to choose from.

Living Room Furniture

For one of the most used rooms in the house, you need the best furniture. Our high-quality living room furniture section has an enormous selection to help you easily find the right set. Choose from the many styles of Complete Home Furniture and Appliances, to suit your home and lifestyle.


We have various sizes, styles and models of mattresses, so you won’t have trouble finding the perfect one for you or any family member. We have professional delivery available if you require assistance transporting your new mattress.

Kitchen Appliances

Whether you are looking for a freezer, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator or other kitchen appliance, Complete Home Furniture and Appliances can help. Our vast selection includes many different styles, makes and models of kitchen appliances. The variety of each appliance will allow you to pick the style, colour and model to fit into your kitchen. If you are looking for something as a housewarming gift or just a new appliance for you own house, we can find the right one for you.  Check out our sales when you come to our store to shop or you can take advantage of our online catalogue.


A helpful addition to any household, a microwave is a common and sometimes necessary appliance in any kitchen. To have the best experience, you will need a high-quality appliance. Complete Home Furniture and Appliance has a large selection of microwaves available at affordable prices. Choose whatever style, model, colour and brand you desire, and keep an eye out for the current sales. You can stop by and shop in person at our store, or you can stay home and take a look at our top quality stock with our online catalogue. Delivery of appliances is available by our professional team.


Complete Home Furniture and Appliances have different styles, models, sizes and types of appliances. Pick the perfect colour of dishwasher or appliance to go with your room. Come visit us in store or online with our online catalogue. See our affordable prices and numerous sales. If you are feeling stressed about not having room in your car to transport furniture, it may help you to know we have delivery services.


Worried about transporting your new dresser home? We have a delivery service that is ready to help you. Dressers of various sizes, prices and materials are ready to go to your home to enhance a room today. Remember you can come and shop in our store or shop from our online catalogue.


Interiors breathe in your home vibes! Make a striking home style statement with our best summer collection of accents furniture, kitchen appliances, and many more products. We help you upgrade your home interiors with captivating stylish finds.

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