Easy Tips for Arranging Your Living Room Furniture

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Have you ever seen how they arrange furniture in a show home or in a magazine spread and wish you could do the same thing? Have you ever felt that arranging your living room furniture was a daunting task? Well, you certainly aren’t alone! The good news is, there are some simple guidelines you can follow when it comes to arranging furniture that will make your home look amazing.

Create a focal point

Having a focal point in the room helps to tie everything together. Sometimes the focal point can be a window with a great few or a beautiful fireplace. Other times, you might have to create the focal point yourself – such as this beautiful Lucian TV Stand.

Once you have the focal point, you can start to arrange your furniture around that focal point as much as possible.

Create space for conversations

When you have people to your home, the living room is a natural spot for conversations, so you’ll want to arrange your furniture in such a way that encourages conversation. Sofas and chairs can be angled towards each other (they don’t have to face each other directly) so that your family or your guests may easily engage in conversation.

Balance large and smaller items

When arranging your living room furniture, you don’t want to have all of the large pieces on one side of the room and all of the smaller pieces on another. You want to blend them so they balance. For example, if you have a large impressive sectional, having side tables that are on the smaller side can provide a nice balance.

In addition to balancing sizes, you should also consider balancing shapes. So, if you have a sofa that uses mainly straight lines, consider an elegant and curvy coffee table.

Get a nice big coffee table

Having a large coffee table where people can gather around, set their drinks on, etc. is a great way to anchor a room. Not only are layouts with large coffee tables very attractive, but they are extremely practical as well.

Just make sure that the coffee table isn’t so large that there is no space for people to move around it!

Watch your spacing

Spacing your living room furniture can be a challenge whether you have a small room or a large one. It is good practice – even in a small space – not to put your furniture right up against the wall. In fact, bringing it out a foot or so (or more in a larger space) can actually make your room appear larger.

Another thing to consider when you space your furniture is traffic flow. You want people to be able to move about freely without tripping over furniture as they go.

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